What’s in your wallet?: Top 10 reasons to have a library card

library card image

Before November 1, 2012 sign up for a free replacement library card (a card and key chain card shown actual size above) with the new library logo. To ensure accuracy, a library card must be shown to check out at all library locations.

What’s in your wallet? We hope it includes a Cass County Public Library card. You must have your card when checking out materials or using the computers. Don’t have a card? Lost yours? Until November 1, 2012, we’ll make one for you – FREE!

Here are the top ten reasons to have a Cass County Public Library card.

  1. You can check out books!
  2. You can use the computers!
  3. So your library experience is always a good one!
  4. So we get the right person every time!
  5. You get to see our friendly, happy faces!
  6. Fewer mistakes, fewer mistakes, fewer mistakes!
  7. What's in your wallet promotional logoSo we are not embarrassed when we can’t remember your name!
  8. The new cards have the library’s sharp-looking logo on it and all the Cool people have one!
  9. No mistakes checking out items to someone with the same name!
  10. You are important to us and we want to treat you right!
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