Smart Cookies!

Photo of a young Archie Branch patron grinning and pointing to himself with both of his thumbs.

One smart cookie! He tie-dyed his own t-shirt at the Archie Branch!

The Smart Cookies are 4th, 5th, and 6th graders who meet after school once a month at the Archie Branch Library. We introduce them to an author, do a little research about them, and read a chapter or two from one of his or her books. Then we do a craft and have cookies.

Once we even had a camp out (really it was a camp in). We pitched a small tent in the library, built a pretend fire, and read scary stories. Our craft for that event was an edible campfire made from cupcakes, yellow frosting, pretzels, marshmallows, and fruit roll-ups. A pretty tasty craft!

Other crafts have included paper folding (less intimidating than Origami), puppets, and Duct tape billfolds. Our creative activity last month was tie-dye shirts which was a great success. The kids did an awesome job on their shirts and didn’t make a mess – being outside helped in that department.

Check the calendar for our next Smart Cookies time and other programs at the Archie Branch.

– Gail Roberts, Archie Branch Manager

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