This seems like a fitting time to re-read Shakespeare’s Richard III

An image of English king, Richard IIIScientists believe they have discovered the lost burial place of Richard III – under a parking lot in Leicester, England. He died in battle at the age of 32 in 1485 and was the villainous main character of Shakespeare’s tragedy, Richard III.

I remember a few lines I learned in school from the opening monologue of that play, and decided this was a good time re-read it. I found several copies and movie versions of the play in the online catalog.

I also found this clip of the opening monologue as performed by Ian McKellen. Fans of Downton Abbey might recognize a few familiar faces in the cast of this movie version of Richard III.

Watching that clip certainly whet my appetite for some Shakespeare! I borrowed this copy of the play from the Harrisonville library. But I read it over the weekend and returned it this morning. So if you’re in the mood for a little Shakespeare, have at it!

– Seth Hershberger, Assistant Director

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