All new computers for computer lab in Harrisonville funded by a federal grant


This computer lab in Harrisonville is available to to the public to reserve for private training events.

The computer lab in the Harrisonville Branch of Cass County Public Library was recently upgraded with all new computers and other equipment.

The computer lab is for public use. The lab contains 21 computers including a trainer computer with digital projector, interactive SMART board technology, and web conferencing equipment.

Each computer is loaded with a slate of professional software including Microsoft Office products.

The computer lab can be reserved without a fee by local Cass County businesses, non-profits, private groups and individuals for use during library hours of operation.

Call the Harrisonville Branch at 816-884-3483 to reserve the computer lab. (Scroll down to see the library’s policies on reserving the computer lab.)

Thank you to the United States Congress for maintaining funding to the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA), the source of funding for this project, and to the Missouri Secretary of State, Jason Kander, and the Missouri State Library for distributing these funds to Cass County Public Library for the benefit of our community.

Computer Lab Policy

The Cass County Public Library – Harrisonville Branch has PCs that provide access to computer software, information databases and Internet for use by the general public. CCPL’s computer lab may be used to provide computer and Internet use training workshops to the general public, groups and organizations.

Groups or organizations may reserve the computer lab, free of charge, under the following provisions.

  • During the hours the Harrisonville Branch is open. Evening training sessions must conclude 15 minutes prior to the closing of the library.
  • By and adult (over age 18) showing a valid picture ID and proof of current address and phone number. Groups composed of minors (less that 18 years of age) must have adult supervision.
  • Library sponsored or co-sponsored programs take precedence over other groups. CCPL reserves the right to change or cancel reservations in emergency situations.
  • May not be used for direct profit-making purposes and no admittance fees may be charged.
  • Organizations (profit or not-for-profit) or institutions may sponsor informational or educational programs, however, no payment or order for goods or services may be accepted on library premises or be required for attendance. The computer lab may not be used to sell products or services or to recruit potential customers or partners.
  • A not-for-profit organization may sponsor a workshop or information presentation and may charge a program fee that covers the cost of program presentation.

Computer Lab General Information

Cass County Public Library staff is available to conduct classes. Information about available computer classes may be obtained from Library Staff.

Groups and organizations are restricted to use of the software that is available on the computers housed in the computer lab. CCPL staff will not load outside software on the library’s computers.

Web conferencing equipment is available for use in the computer lab to be used in conjunction with the computer lab equipment. 

Advance notice of 24 hours must be provided to CCPL in the event that a reservation is to be cancelled. If cancellation is not made, future availability to that group may be curtailed.

Smoking, eating, and drinking are prohibited in the computer lab.

Each group or organization assumes the full responsibility for any damages incurred resulting from the use of the computer lab as well as for actions and behavior of those in attendance. Abuse of the equipment or improper behavior will be sufficient cause to deny further use of the computer labs and all applicable laws are in effect.

CCPL is not liable for damage to or loss of property of organizations or groups using the computer lab.

Granting use of the computer lab does not imply approval by CCPL of the group, the training provided or the ideas presented.

All users are subject to the provisions of the CCPL Internet Use Policy. Violations of these policies may be sufficient cause to deny further use of the computer labs.

Computer Lab Booking Procedure

Computer lab reservations must be made by an adult showing current picture ID card with proof of current address and phone number. Groups composed of minors (less than 18 years of age) must have adult supervision.

Confirmed reservations for use of the computer lab can be made in advance through the Harrisonville Branch by phoning 816-884-3483. Reservations must be confirmed in person by signing the computer lab request form before using the room.

Computer lab users must agree to abide by the CCPL Computer and the Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Each group or organization assumes the full responsibility for any damages incurred resulting from the use of the computer lab as well as for the actions and behaviors of those in attendance.

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