TumbleBooks Update: Download the App

Tumble Book Library, a resource that we have offered to our patrons for a while now, has an exciting update. Besides being able to access hundreds of eBooks and animated storybooks in the library or at home, you can now access Tumble Book Library from your iOS or Android mobile device!

Search for TumbleBooks in either app store, and download it for free. Once it has installed on your device:Tumble App

  1. Tap the Library button
  2. Select USA
  3. Select Missouri
  4. Tap Next
  5. Find Cass County Public Library in the first box
  6. Enter your library card number in the second box
  7. Tap Log In!

After logging in, you’ll be able to access the same great titles you see on your desktop or library computer. Don’t worry, the storybooks are still animated and the text is highlighted as the narrator reads. It’s great for lap time on the couch or for road trips. Try out the new Tumble Books app, and bring your stories with you wherever you go.


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